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Dorothy L Sayers Society Members Area

You are nearly at the Members Area of the DLS Society web site...

To manage access securely, and avoid you having too many different passwords to remember, the Members Area is closely linked to our online edition of the Lord Peter Wimsey Companion.

So, to login to the Members Area, you must first have an LPWC account. The instructions for signing up are here.
Please remember to indicate, when signing up, that you are a member of the Society! We will then ensure that you get access to both the LPWC itself and this Members Area.

If you already have an LPWC account, but your username doesn’t let you enter the Members Area, please write to the Membership Secretary with a note of your username, and we will authorise it for access to the Members Area.

You can then return here and login.

Please note:

If you ever forget your password, or need to change it, you need to go to the LPWC site to do so. If you click the “Forgot your password” button, the password you are sent is only a temporary one, although it will work immediately. You should login to the LPWC in order to set a more memorable password.

Important: resetting your password depends on us having your email address correctly recorded. Therefore it is very important to update your LPWC account if you change your address − as well as telling us about it so we can update your membership records (which are currently separate from the LPWC). If you change your address and forget your password, you'll first need to ask us to update your email address, and then you can request a password reset.

You may wish to print this page − for your convenience, the links above are listed here:

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